Monday, February 6, 2012

FFn profile updates for the month of 1/12

1/30/12 - I'm nowhere near finished writing TWP chapter 15 (chapter 16 counting the prologue), but I posted a little excerpt on my blog:

FYI, I always tweet links to my teasers, so following me on Twitter would be the best way to keep up with the status of my chapters as I'm writing them: @Kari_FicFanatic. I don't auto-follow, but I do always respond when I notice people mention me.

1/23/12 - Wrote most of Ch.14 (Ch.15 including the prologue) of The Waiting Place today & posted a little teaser on my blog.

1/15/12 - Got a start on The Waiting Place, Chapter 13 (Chapter 14 including the prologue) & posted a teaser on my blog.

1/8/12 - An AMAZING story just came to a close. You have to check out Dirty Little Secret by JustAudrey07, a Draco/Astoria fic with a strong dose of Romione & a subplot involving Snape. It's listed under my faves. Actually, while you're at it, you should also read her completed Percy/Audrey fic, The Unwinding of Percy Weasley.

1/5/12 - Wrote a public service announcement on plagiarism: Plagiarism: Just...Don't

1/1/12 - Happy New Year! :) Moved my profile's updates for the month of December to my blog, where I also post fanfic recs, book recs, the occasional movie rec, and other randomness: Musings of a Fiction Fanatic

Gah, I might be a little obsessed with this video: Weep, little lion man. Weasley is our king.

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