Sunday, February 12, 2012

Teaser: The Waiting Place, Chapter 16

Okay, so I'm not nearly through with this chapter, but I plan on hashing out the majority of it in the next few days.  In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this small excerpt:

Harry froze as he stared back at him, unblinking, in an expression that would’ve been a bloody riot if Ron hadn’t felt like his insides were being chewed up by a flock of angry Cornish Pixies.

In the meantime, the locker room was so damned silent that it was as if the world around them had ceased to be; time itself had stopped, this very moment ballooning and swelling until nothing else mattered. Well, at least that’s how it would’ve seemed if it hadn’t been for the steady pattering of the rain on the rooftop and the distant howling of the wind, a reminder that the world went on as usual. Why would the cosmos care if Ron Weasley’s heart was slowly but painfully fragmenting into tiny, jagged pieces?

A ricocheting thunderclap broke the spell, and Harry blinked at him behind his rain-smeared spectacles. “Wh-what?” he finally managed to stammer out. “She’s…what? Are—are you sure? Why—I mean, who—how d’you know?”

“’Cause I’m the one who bloody did it,” Ron declared miserably, unable to hold his friend’s gaze any longer.


  1. Oh man. I can't wait for this conversation. Ron is my favorite character and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear his thoughts.

    Thanks Kari. Happy Valentines Day!


  2. Short and sweet! Love good, stumped Harry! Can't wait for more!!

  3. Hey Kari,

    I just finished rereading this fic from the begining. SO. GOOD. I'm ready for the next chapter please.

    As an incentive I have 2 fics to recommend but you don't get them until the next update. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness. I can't believe you updated on Sunday and I just saw it. I've been so crazy busy. (I don't know why I din't get an email from the blog though. Hmm?)

    Ok. Rec 1.

    This is a 10 year post war, bad guys won fic so it's dark. A few key twists really had me holding my breath and it's the only bad guys won fic I've ever finished b/c they are usually so OOC, cheesy or unnecessarily violent I don't bother.

    Rec 2.

    Another post war fic and by the same author but very different. In the year following the war, the Ministry of Magic starts to employ similar tactics on Slytherins as the Death Eaters used on muggle-borns. I loved the sociology side of it. Kind of a pendulum swing from one extreme to the next.

    Neither of them are the sweet, smutty goodness I enjoy in your work but they are both well written and are not formulaic. I promise they won't be the worst things you've read in a while.

    OK. Off to read your chapter before bed.

    Thanks Kari!


    1. Oh, wow! I'll definitely give them a try! Thanks so much for the recs! :D It's weird about you not getting an email from the blog... Are you subscribed to my story at If so, you should recieve an update notification from that site in your inbox when I update. ;)