Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Don'ts of Posting Snape/Hermione Fanfic

Dear Hermione/Snape Fanfiction writers: Chances are I'm not going to give your fic a chance if you:


1) Beg for reviews in your summary. A simple "reviews are appreciated" is fine, but show some dignity. Begging makes you look like a desperate 13-yr-old, and besides, you really don't always want my honest opinion. Really. By the way, putting "r&r" in your description just makes me think you're not smart enough to realize it won't make a difference.

2) Don't bother capitalizing your sentences or spelling the characters' names correctly. Chances are, if you're feeling that lazy then I'm feeling too lazy to check out your fic.

3) Use the word "fluff" in your description of a Snape fic. Snape is not a fluffy bunny; don't write him that way.

4) Assume that readers know what the fuck EWE, PWP, and MLC mean. I'm a veteran fanfic reader and have no clue what some of these mean. 5) Use Snape's first name in your description. I'm not sure why this irks me, really, except that he's Snape to me, not Severus. Descriptions like "Hermione and Severus discover the meaning of true love" test my gag reflex. 6) If your summary describes a pre-existing relationship or attraction. The appeal is that Snape and Hermione are so unlikely, so I want them coming together in a realistic, plausible manner.

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