Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snape/Hermione Fics Should Come with a Ron-bashing Warning for Fans of the Pairing Who Actually (gasp!) LIKE Ron

So after days of searching for some satisfying Snape/Hermione fics, I've come to the realization that I'm not as enthusiastic about the pairing as I once was. In general, I'll find myself reading a potential worthwhile fic only to realize that Hermione is grossly out-of-character, and that she and Ron broke up because he was either lousy in bed or he was caught banging Romilda Vane - or both. I find myself cringing, waiting for Ron's introduction into the story, and after wasting an hour of my life I'm forced to stop reading because of my dissatisfaction with either Ron's portrayal or Hermione's. *sigh* I try to remember whether these things used to bother me when I first started reading the pairing several years ago, and I realize that I blindly accepted it for the most part. It certainly didn't bother me enough to deter me from reading, which tells me that I've become quite a bit more discerning recently. Looks like I'll have to return to my Ron/Hermione roots. Oh, I did find a couple of Snape/Hermione gems that I've left under my favorites at FFn. I deleted all the others I'd intended to read when I realized I didn't have the energy to waste another hour of my life before inevitably concluding that I hate the characterizations.

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