Thursday, March 31, 2011

HP Canon vs. "Fanon"

I don't know about you all, but when I read fanfiction I like to think that what I'm reading COULD be inserted into the novels, or at least be a plausible alternative. When authors use "fanon" terms in their writing, however, it's always a jarring reminder that I am, in fact, reading fanfiction, and the illusion is destroyed. For example:

1) "'Mione." This is the biggest one because it's used as a nickname for Hermione by Harry & Ron in almost every multichaptered fic I've ever read. While I think it's cute, it's simply not canon, but rather, fanon, and an annoying reminder that I'm reading fanfiction. (If I'm wrong, then feel free to to cite the book & page #).

2) "Ronald." Yes, it's his name, but Hermione hardly (if ever) called him that in the books. Obviously, the fanon use of his formal name in dialogue by Hermione is a direct result of the movies, since I can clearly hear Emma Watson's voice in my head: "It's on his suitcase, Ronald."

3) "Gods." This one probably annoys me most of all, simply because I've never seen "Oh, my gods" outside of fanfiction, so it always interrupts the flow of the writing for me. Please either use the canon "Merlin" or stick to plain old "Oh, my God."

4) "The Golden Trio."  I don't know why really, but this one makes me shudder every time I read it.  Really, just don't.



  1. I agree with you on 2 out of 3 points.I also hate when they use God instead of Merlin. The same goes for the use of his formal name Ronald. I have to disagree on the term Mione though, I love the pet name! I just wish everyone would just use it as something only Ron get to use.


  2. My only problem with "Mione" is the fact that it's not canon. If I knew of one example where Ron addresses Hermione as "Mione" in the books, then it wouldn't bug me. Since when I read fanfic, I like to think that what I'm reading COULD have happened in canon, when I stumble across "Mione" it shatters that delusion for me & jars me back to "fanfic reality." Does that make sense? It does in my weird mind, lol. ;)