Friday, November 11, 2011

FFn updates for the month of October

10/26 - I just wanted to thank everyone for the reviews I've received for my prologue of The Waiting Place! Truly, I'm overwhelmed & flattered by the response, & so excited about continuing - especially knowing you all are so eager to read more! FYI, I've begun re-reading The Half-Blood Prince so that I may seamlessly interweave TWP within the canon text, much as I did with my fic Hallowed Hearts, which I created as a Deathly Hallows subplot. I hope to have chapter 1 of TWP up within the next week, so keep an eye out for it!

To all my Twilight fans that happen to still be lurking about my profile - I just wanted to let you know that after a year of Coming of Age being on hiatus, I decided to take it down since the chances are slim-to-none that I'll ever finish it, seeing as my interest in the fandom has dwindled to non-existent. I know that may come as a disappointment to some, but I thought that leaving it up any longer would be unfair, as it offers false hope that I might pick it up again in the future. Also, even though I've previously announced it, I wanted to add for those who missed it that the reason I removed my completed Twilight fic, In Pursuit of Normalcy, is because (in addition to writing my HP fics) I'm actively transforming it into a completely original paranormal romance novel.

Lastly, I re-edited my Fred/Angelina/George oneshot, Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun, for some minor errors that I previously noted. If you haven't checked it out, I hope you'll do so now & let me know what you think!

10/12 - New blog post: "Rant of the Day: Writers who start multiple multi-chaptered fics."

10/10 - I'm actively working on Coming to Term Chapter 25 today & hope to have it up in the next day or two. To those awaiting my new fic, I'm still not sure whether or not I'll start it before completing CtT, but we'll see. :)

10/7 - Just wanted to let my readers know that I've had a super-hectic week (not much time for fanfic'ing - reading OR writing), but rest assured that I've been thinking about the remainder of Coming to Term (I have it all outlined out) & my new story that I'm uber excited about starting! I actually have pretty much the whole thing planned out in my head & plan on hashing out an outline early next week. Thanks for your patience & your understanding! :)

10/4 - Happy big 3-0 to my hubs, aka Studly Love Muffin (on the off chance that you might be reading my FFn profile)! Congrats! You're almost as old as me! :)

Oh, & if you're not reading "Look at Me" by jesrod82, you should be! (It's listed under my faves.)

10/1 - New blog post: Harry Potter inspired by Star Wars?

9/30 - Moved my profile's updates dating 8/13 - 9/23 to my blog, where I also post fanfic recs, book recs, the occasional movie rec, and other randomness: Musings of a Fiction Fanatic

Read all of the posted chapters of "Pictures" by Athenais777, rated T, a clever, well-written collection of snippets from a wide array of characters' lives (from the Marauders to the next generation) centered around, as the title suggests, pictures. While, as I said, it features various characters, it's heavily Ron/Hermione-centered. I've enjoyed it thoroughly - definitely worth a read! It's listed under my favorites.

Also, as I announced in my final chapter of Skimming Stones & Skinny-Dipping, I have a new fic project in the works, which is going to be a Ron/Hermione Half-Blood Prince-era AU-subplot type of story, so if you enjoy my writing then don't forget to put me on author alert!

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