Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fanfiction rec: "'Miones and Broken Tongues" by jesrod82, Ron/Hermione, rated M, oneshot

The following review was originally posted in my author's notes of Chapter 19 of my fic "Coming to Term":

Fanfic Pic: "'Miones and Broken Tongues" by jesrod82, rated M for strong sexual content and language, Ron/Hermione, romance/humor, oneshot, listed under my favorites.

Kiddies, cover your eyes: This one is NOT for you. What can I say about this delightfully smutty oneshot except that it's the hottest damn thing I've read in a long time? J.R. Ward has got NOTHING on this. ;p
I suppose I could also say that the characterizations were refreshing. I've read too many Ron/Hermione fics with over-the-top cheese infestations, so I just loved the idea of one of their heated arguments escalating into an angry fuck-fest. I also enjoyed that Hermione was rather violent in this, because I haven't read that too much in fanfic—but she WAS rather violent at times in the books, and Ron brought that out in her more than once.

Plus, there was a smidgen of fluff at the end to remind us that they do, in fact, love each other. :) So check it out & leave the author some love! Definitely a fun little read!

Happy reading, writing, & reviewing!


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