Friday, September 30, 2011

FFn profile updates Aug 14 - Sept 23. 2011

9/23 - Hoping to have chapter 23 of Coming to Term up tomorrow at the latest! Sorry for the delay! :)

9/14 - Discovered an amazing talent, TMBlue (listed under my favorite authors), and have looked at a few of his/her stories, including "Black" (only one chapter posted so far) and "With Me," both fabulous Ron/Hermione fics. Also, I highly recommend "Moments" by Armaysha, a series of missing Ron/Hermione moments from the book series, & I'm LOVING this side of their relationship that Harry had no clue about.

Added the remainder of my posted "Fanfic Pics" to my blog: Musings of a Fiction Fanatic

Oh, yeah, for shits & giggles I added a new poll to my author profile (see above). Be sure & vote for the fun of it!

9/11 - Wow, it feels weird writing that date. I can't believe it's been 10 years! I was actually in bootcamp when 9/11 happened; shock of a lifetime there.

Anyway, I had another all-night reading binge. This time it was "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said" by hey-torch. Once I got past the first few chapters, which were riddled with misspellings & typos, it developed into an AMAZING story. Seriously. (I'm even ignoring the fact that the dialogue is punctuated incorrectly.) It's simultaneously angsty, horrific, sweet, suspenseful, and a ton of other things. It's listed under the genres of "angst/horror," but I personally think "romance/hurt/comfort" would be more fitting; "suspense/drama" would also work. Anyway, you have to check out this fic when you have the chance, but be warned - it's quite dark, and poor Hermione experiences horrific abuses (mostly implied). It's listed under my favorites.

9/9 - Decided to start blogging again, since I need a place to post my random thoughts & opinions. Plan on adding all of my "Fanfic Pics" there soon, but in the meantime you can check out my previous posts: Musings of a Fiction Fanatic

9/8 - Stumbled upon an "oldie but goldie" that I stayed up half the night reading: A Ron/Hermione fic called "Inhibition" by wacky-tarz, now listed under my faves. (It would be at the very bottom of the list since it was written in 2005.) It's a sweet, hilarious, well-written little story about our favorite couple. Definitely worth a read!

Also, chapter 22 of Coming to Term should be up (hopefully) at the first part of the weekend - I'm shooting for Friday or Saturday!

9/6 - Been reading a fic called "One More Time" by veritaserumkills, listed under my faves. There are only a handful of chapters posted so far, but it's beautifully written and engrossing. I'd definitely recommend giving it a chance!

Oh, & chapter 7 of Skimming Stones will be up later today! :)

9/5 - Decided to close my "Glimpses" series, possibly permanently. I'm really not sure yet. I won't go into a long explanation, but I'll just say that while I'm not one to hold chapters ransom or to beg for reviews, it IS disheartening when, as a fanfic writer, you put quite a bit of effort into something that you believe will bring enjoyment to audiences & all you're met with is the chirping of crickets...and a few scattered reviews. If I don't think people give a rat's fart one way or another, I'm probably not going to feel inclined to continue it. I guess sometimes as a reader you have to give a little if you wanna get a little.

Anyway, I'm not trying to tell readers to go review that fic - not at all. In fact, at this point it won't make much of a difference. If I decide to write any more post-Deathly Hallows Ron/Hermione oneshots, I'll probably post them as separate stories.

8/22 - Cleaned up my favorites list, leaving only those stories that I found to be particularly entertaining and/or well-written. You may notice that I don't have any novel-length Ron/Hermione fics listed, and the reason for that is that all those stories that I've looked at have had major cheese infestations (See "Hold the cheese, please," below under "Pet peeves in fanfic") or else I felt were a tad OOC.

Newest addition to my favorites: "The Unwinding of Percy Weasley" by JustAudrey07. I've stayed up half the night the past two nights reading on this, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I never thought I'd be so entertained by a story about Percy, but that probably has a lot to do with the author's fabulous storytelling abilities. (I feel in love with her story "Dirty Little Secret" & had been meaning to check out this author's other works for a while.)

8/19 - I stayed up most of the night reading "Say What You Need to Say" by librawriter when I should've been catching up on my sleep! Guh, I am in love with librawriter's ability to write angst! I'm now also more than a bit in love with George & Angelina! Check out this fic if you have the time - It's listed under my story faves. Also, please note that even though the author never marked it as complete, it is, in fact, complete. (I hesitated to start it at first because I thought it had been abandoned.)

Another fic I'm enjoying right now (also listed under my story faves): "Harry Potter and the White Van Man" by queenoftherandomoneandonly.

8/16 - New favorite talent: wonderTWINpowersACTIVATE (see my favorite authors). You have to check out their work!

8/14 - If you are not reading "Always & Forever" by librawriter (listed under my favorites), then you should be! Seriously, this story is my crack, and it does NOT get enough love. I encourage all my readers to check out this fabulously angsty fic (yes, it IS very angsty/dramatic, but it's also deliciously romantic) & to leave the author some encouragement! This story is just - guh! :)

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