Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fanfiction rec: "Popping Cherries on a Sunday" by wonderTWINpowersACTIVATE, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender rated M, oneshot

The following review was originally posted in my author's notes of Chapter 17 of my fic "Coming to Term":

Fanfic Pic: "Popping Cherries on a Sunday" by wonderTWINpowersACTIVATE, rated M for sexual content and language, oneshot, listed under my favorites.

I have discovered a rare gem of an author—or a pair of them, actually, since the authors are twins who collaborate. While it's true that most writers get better with time and practice (such as myself), every now and then there comes along a writer, or a set of them, with such rare, natural talent that it blows your mind. I've weeded through a lot of crap on this site, a lot of mediocrity, some decent stuff, stuff that's downright good, stuff that's so bad it's good (sort of like a Big Mac), and then there's stuff that's so good you're wondering what the blazes the author is doing writing fanfiction when they could be making a career with their writing (JustAudrey07, author of "The Unwinding of Percy Weasley" and "Dirty Little Secret" is an example of the latter category).

As I sat down to read "Popping Cherries on a Sunday" I was at first wary, as it listed both Ron/Lavender AND Ron/Hermione as being paired. I've gotta say, if the authors hadn't hit me up for review-for-a-review, I wouldn't have touched this story with a ten-foot pole, but I'm so thankful that I did: The writing itself is spectacular, eons above the average fanfic posted on this site, and I was a bit shocked when I looked at their profile and discovered that the authors are American and only twenty years old. (I have an account still up on this site from ten years ago, and I cringe when I look at the stuff I wrote when I was that young.)

First of all, the jargon/slang sounded so authentic that I seriously thought that the author must be British (but then, I'm American, so what do I know, lol?). Second of all, I don't know any twenty-year-olds who can write like that. I don't know many thirty-year-olds who have such a command of the English language and who would be able to get inside a teenage boy's head and write such a beautiful, utterly believable, so authentically realized struggle between his body, his heart, and his mind.

As a warning: The story is about Ron losing his virginity to Lavender. I know that tons of you won't touch it now, but I urge you to give it a chance anyway. Even as a Romione fan, this was probably the most authentic thing I've ever read on this site (and it IS actually a Ron/Hermione piece at its core). And please be courteous and leave a review for the story if you read it—even if you don't agree that Ron would've gone all the way with Lavender. Oh, and no flames, please, since you've been warned of the nature of the fic. ;)

Happy reading, writing, & reviewing!


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